People Charged In Fair Oaks Farms Investigation

The Newton County Sheriff’s Department has reported that as a result of the investigation at Fair Oaks Farms, charges have been filed on three individuals, and in Indiana the charge is described as “the beating of a vertebrate animal,” which is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail, and a maximum $5000.00 fine.  In a Monday afternoon June 10th press release, Sheriff Tom VanVleet stated they anticipate the release of the names within 24 hours, as interviews with other persons of interest are being conducted. Therefore, details of the investigation are not being released at this time. Questions regarding acceptable farm practices should be directed to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health as they are the governing body. They can be contacted by e-mail or Assisting agencies are The Indiana State Police, Indiana State Board of Animal Health and the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office.